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Fucked up magazine that encourages people to have promiscuous sex, despirte knowing its average reader is an 11 year old girl. See slut skank and sheep
Next month in Cosmo: Give great head to a guy who's too young to cum!
by Wyl January 03, 2004

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The consumption of human/animal faeces by humans or animals. Sometimes done in a sexual context. An excellent way of catching hepatitis.

Someone who does so is a coprophage. It is not the same as, but is often related to or co-occurent with coprophila, which is sexual excitement related to faeces or defaecation.
My girlfriend and I like to engage in coprophagia.
by Wyl June 10, 2007

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Alternative spelling of William, referring to Melbourne's own Will "wylyam" Morris, the worlds greatest unpublished poet. For more information on Wyl, visit his website at www.geocities.com/wyl_is/index.html
Wylyam is a legend.
by Wyl December 27, 2003

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a) An ornate cup, or long-stemmed bowl, often used in religious ritual or referred to in fantasy writing.
b) (antiquated) A metaphor for the female urino-genital tract
c) One of, if not the best heavy metal bands to come out of Australia, and the only redeeming feature of the state of South Australia. Their sound could probably be best defined as melodic/progressive metal, and are well worth investing in if you enjoy good music.
a) The chalice was full of sacred wine
b) And then I stuck my 'wand' into her 'chalice', if you get my drift
c) Are you going to see the Chalice concert tomorrow night?
by Wyl November 24, 2006

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The worlds greatest City. Home of the AFL grand final, The Boxing Day Test, The MCG, The Australian Open, The Australian Grand Prix, Australia's greatest arts and theatre scene and full of wonderfully enlightened people who despise Sydney.
When Jesus returns, he will be born in Melbourne, as it is the closest place on earth to heaven.
by Wyl December 27, 2003

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