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The sound made when someone as masterful as myself makes a knife-kill in CS (or in another knife-killing situation).
newb bearing newb cannon #3,000,000: duh, imma gonna jus' run around like a chicken with my head cut off, but I should be okay with my newb-cannon in hand.

Me: ~sneaks up behind silently, or drops from above~ snikty snikt

dead newb who has now dropped newb-cannon : der, what happend?
by WuBanga May 26, 2004
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A Sheep

Check out wubanga
Did you see what I did to boboli, it was classic!!
by WuBanga May 26, 2004
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word that online dorks use, mean to own
Halo pwns all!
by WuBanga May 20, 2004
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People say it up north where I grew up (AK)

It is another word for a dork or a spastic.
-Did you see the way he pissed himself when the cops came?
-What a gunny!
by WuBanga May 22, 2004
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Many think it means:


in fact it means:


this referrencing the Brenglish
definition of fanny: vagina, p~ssy, c~nt, etc.
GT guy: what is DGAF always such an asshat?

Me: because true to his nickname, he DGAF and so is always liss'd off.
by WuBanga May 25, 2004
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