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A very rare condition where the skin of a person is semi permeable. The skin therefore allows the transfer of small objects through it and into the body
Around one in every 500 million people have semi permeable skinitus.
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a stan, usually derogatory. literally a small stan, but a construction along "femoid" or "lanklet" lines. le petit stan. loosed on the world by toby fox, dan&phil, and many others.
first things first, let's hang all the Hetalia stanlets
that kpop stanlet hasn't bathed in a week

fucking karkat-stanlets! getting grey bodypaint all over my meticulously-crafted cosplay
by World Health Organisation January 23, 2023
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the high sodium content of cat treats
i'd better not feed tiddles any more treats today, i don't want felix salt to affect her cells' osmotic uptake :(
by World Health Organisation October 10, 2021
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