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A person known to be pseudo-competent who uses the equivalent of osmosis as a knowledge base and then simply *thinks* of something they want done and the person perceives their thought as having accomplished the task (read: the task becomes done) without any physical effort or any actual action having occurred.
Person 1: He's a Coordinator of computer technology.
Person 2: Really? Because all his computers aren't working.
Person 1: Is that so?
Person 2: Well, the other day he told me he thought they were all working.
Person 1: He must be osmotic.
by Ben Chott November 04, 2011
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To be at the lowest tier of humanity
Guy1: "Yo you see that guy ? He's a total Osmotic"
Guy2: "No way he's that shit of a person ?"
by SomeoneWhoIsNoOne November 10, 2017
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