Nine members of the United States' Supreme Court. A total of 8 associate justices, and one chief justice
The supreme court is the highest court in the judicial system and it consists of 9 justices
by Mike January 6, 2005
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Most modern interpretation of a discord moderator.
Interprets the law in a way that always angers the minority, and causes emotional distress to snowflakes.
Supreme Court Justice Thomas and Dankula just pulled of a pro-gamer move by overturning Roe v. Wade.
by MrSnob June 25, 2022
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The unfortunate condition that, during Supreme Court confirmation, both causes nominees to completely misrepresent their position on key political issues and allows nieve congressional law makers to accept those prevarications on face value, thus rendering the court incapable of representing the constituency on which it is ostensibly derived.
Kavanaugh, Barrett, et al seem to have misrepresented their position on Roe v Wade.
REALLY?! No shit. How you feelin’ about some Supreme Court justice mendacity? Next they’ll be looking at disarming America for its own good.
by YAWA June 26, 2022
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