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The phobia of moths, butterflies, and/or dragonflies.
The moth flew around near me, causing my arosonophobia to hit me.”
by Word.maker May 21, 2018
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Sad, angry, and hungry all at once.

I’m so hungry, I’m getting sangry!”
by Word.maker February 09, 2018
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An adjective meaning “crazy,” “unpredictable,” or “wild.”
That guy over there is a little... yknow... 2020.”

1: “Did you hear what happened last night?”
2: “Yeah, it was so 2020!”
by Word.maker July 11, 2020
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Eating an entire pizza, box of chocolates, or family sized bag of chips by mistake.
“Mom, I had a snaccident. We need more barbecue Lays.
by Word.maker May 16, 2018
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