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Plasmonix is a shitty youtuber that makes so much clickbait YouTube videos where stuffed animals break in his house and DJ Cook called him the god of fake videos
Plasmonix sucks
by Woowiewoow June 13, 2021
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Middle and Late 80s Early 90s-When N.W.A,Ice T,Snoop Dogg,Nas etc where dominating gangsta rap and rap but Digital Underground,A Tribe called quest etc were doing non gangsta rap

Late 90s- When 2pac and biggie,Jay -Z,Nas etc where dominating rap and were gangsta rappers there were rappers like Ma$e,Lauryn Hill,Busta rhymes etc doing non gangsta rap

Early 2000s- 50 cent and Jay-Z were the biggest gangsta rappers but Kanye West and Eminem were doing non gangsta rap

After the old school non gangsta rap and gangsta rap

Non-gangsta-rap has better lyrics then gangsta rap
by Woowiewoow July 20, 2021
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Some one who hates hates their house
Guy 1: “ I hate my house
Guy 2: “That means you’re a homophobe
by Woowiewoow July 1, 2021
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One of the worst rappers in history
who is worse then lil xan
Jumex fkn sucks
by Woowiewoow June 13, 2021
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The best pop singer that has been inside earth
Rip Frank Sinatra
by Woowiewoow June 13, 2021
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That Minecraft villager in songs
Bruh there is a Minecraft villager with half naked women oh...wait that’s French Montana”
by Woowiewoow May 16, 2021
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