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Pilbara Princess Any female from the big smoke who moves to remote mining or construction towns/sites (Initially in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia) for work, with the sole purpose of being constantly violated by sex starved "fly in, fly out" shift workers.

These previously mentioned "females" have done so because in any major city they wouldn't earn a second glance from any self respecting male but in these isolated areas are regarded as aphrodite herself.
Bartholomew: "Oi Septimus, check out that amazing broad over there! I'd lick her shit!"

Septimus: "Man you've been up here too long, just yesterday back in Perth i saw hotter grannies than her. She's a fat stinker! Another Pilbara Princess."
by Woobla November 15, 2009

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A long, sustained glance at a member of the oposite sex (usually male to female) whilst visualising performing perverted sexual acts.

The highest known concentration of rape stare victims occurs in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. These victims are commonly referred to as "Pilbara Princesses".
"Hey Mavis, did you just see that guy? He rape stared the shit out of me, now i feel dirty and it won't come off."
by Woobla November 13, 2009

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a wanking motion with the thumb and index finger while inserting the pinky into the stinky, made famous by huggy, rampant homo

"huggy gave jason the huggachuda last night in the boathouse"
by Woobla May 02, 2007

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A very hot, sexy female
Ooo look at that muchy, makes me wanna touch myself
by Woobla May 03, 2007

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