Ooo look at that muchy, makes me wanna touch myself
by Woobla May 3, 2007
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When someone bothers someone else
Don't muchy me (my pachnkie)
by offthewallagain May 18, 2009
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Onomatopoeic, from the Japanese, "むちむち," pronounced with an energetic and bouncy feeling:
1) Pleasantly plump, particularly in the bouncy baby fat sort of way.

2) Plump or full-bodied, but mobile or flexible.
3) Mainly to women of meat is a senior of praise for the body.
cf phatty girl, bootylicious, voluptuous, zaftig, bbw
I like the muchi muchi girls - gives me something to hold on to for the bouncy rides.
by むちむち January 20, 2016
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A handsome Chinese Name that means skillful and loving. Muchi's are usually great in sports and are often shy. They treat people that are close to him with respect and love. And if you loose him once it's always good to give him another chance because it is worth it. If you ever date a Muchi he will love you more than he loves him self. He is also really good in the bedroom.
by Mybloodxx March 12, 2015
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Refers to partaking in kissing with someone else or sexy texting with someone.
This phrase is normally said when one person is texting or talking to someone they want to get jiggy with.
Can be abreviated to /\ if writing it in a text message.
Pauleen: He text me last night!
Cocker: oh really?!! bit of Muchy Muchy ey ;)
Peggy: yeah definate Muchy Muchy taking place Pauleen!!
by Peg333 February 29, 2008
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Exagerrating the word much to give it a stronger meaning.
I love you so muchies!
by NicholleElliott November 18, 2007
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is slang for "Kiss", so u give someone a muchie or get a muchie from someone...
C'mon Give me a Muchie sweetheart,

See ya baby, take care, muchie muchie..

muchie, love ya
by Joseph Meagher December 14, 2006
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