Noun - the act of performing below expectations.

Verb - to fail miserably, whether by deliberate actions or unforeseen circumstance / chance.
Noun - my fantasy football team was projected to win this week, but they pulled a wonton and scored half as many as my opponent.

Verb - Jeremy: "Did Matt ever pay up on that $100 bet?" Jason: "No, the kid wontoned me and said he would buy me a couple lunches and call it even, and then he double wontoned me by backing out of that deal too"
by jay20716 October 13, 2014
The act of eating any piece of food in one bite. Such as folding a pizza into the shape of a crab wonton in Chinese restaurants and eating it all at once.
by sushisamurai June 27, 2010
A girl who is a lesbian, ugly, thinks shes hot shit, claims shes from the "Ghetto" And she will prolly try to kick your ass. She does NOT look good in a bikini!!!

She probably lives in a trailer park because she is complete trailer TRASH!
Wears the same pair of pants everyday, she really needs to buy some new ones.
Example 1:
Person 1: That weird butch keeps on talking to me on facebook..
Person 2: Don't mess with her, she is from the deep south of Chicago and will kick your ass. She's a Wonton.

Example 2: Omg she is such a Wonton!
by WontonSmith November 15, 2009
A paradox of extreme and unlikely coinciding charachteristics.
"Wow, that jew has red hair, wears shades indoors, and rides a hog, what a wonton!"
by Jon Hsiehtraub April 20, 2003
A very cool person. Especially one who has specific skills far above those of his peers.
That wonton guy is AMAZING at CS.
by James "Pool Shark" Lebido February 10, 2003
The act or process of being gheyed by a jew.
by Levi's Lover February 10, 2003
haha, even if u DID kill that guy, i still lov ya! haha jamie
by wonton November 13, 2003