A person that enjoys collecting or hording multiple transformers.
Boy I'm starting to worry about Sam, I think he's becoming a welton.
by Bigdaints January 24, 2017
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Fat creepy man who collects cans and rides his bike around lunenburg Massachusetts. Creepy man who does weird shit
Zack welton likes to ride his bike and get his can man groove on.
by Burger King man October 18, 2020
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welton -: in love with jessicas and is planning on making an honest woman out of them. they tipically. end up having 3 kids with jessicas welton- that nigga
1 damn jessica is lucky to have herself a welton morgan III 2 Welton morgan III coolest man on planet earth welton: a bad ass
by Trenton Mandingo February 22, 2023
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