3 definitions by William S. Crowley XVI

First represented as the character New New/Erin in the movie "ATL", a gilded hoochie is a rich girl that acts "street" on the outside, but she is in fact a spoiled little rich girl.
Raquel: Hey, you see Shaneequa last night?
Paprika: Yeah. That bitch ain't street, she some gilded hoochie. Her name ain't even Shaneequa! It's "Elizabeth!"
by William S. Crowley XVI August 12, 2006
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A big ol' black (or white, latino, asian, etc)guy that takes his ice (that is, bling) and uses it to show off how great he thinks he is.

More often than not, it impresses everyone.
Tyrone: Yo, dawg, d'you see Antoine at da club da other night?

Jerome: Yeah, dawg. What an ice slammer! I gotta get me some o' dat bling.
by William S. Crowley XVI July 19, 2006
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1: Put most simply, of or relating to the word 'thug'.
Your shootin' that guy last week was pretty thuggish, dawg.
by William S. Crowley XVI April 12, 2006
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