6 definitions by Wibby Wu-tang

When a man pours a melted, scented, paraffin, wax candle on his penis, let's it cool and harden, then fucks his partner in the ass with his waxy dick. At the climax, he pulls out, lights his pubes on fire to let the smell of sex and Watermelon Rain fill the room.
Him: Damn, your pussy stinks.
Her: Just do a Wax Candle then, Chad!
by Wibby Wu-tang January 23, 2021
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(Durt-E Shur-Min-A-Ter)

Definition 1:

A man that fingers his girl before work, doesn't wash his hands, and then proceeds to shake hands with customers all day to transmit the pussy smell onto them.

Definition 2:
When a man eats his girls pussy before work, and wears his covid face mask while working so he can smell his girl's pussy all day.
Definition 1 Example:

Man 1: Dude, you smell like pussy. Did you get laid?
Man 2: Nah, I think that salesman is a Dirty Shurmanator.

Definition 2 Example:
Boss: Hey, you know you're outside. You don't have to wear your mask.

Worker: Oh I know, I'm a Dirty Shurmanator today.
by Wibby Wu-tang January 23, 2021
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When you grab the fly of your pants towards a girl in a sexual manner, and she swats your hand away and slaps you with a sexual harassment lawsuit.
Jake from accounting tried to grope himself in front of me and I hit him with The Fly Swatter.
by Wibby Wu-tang January 23, 2021
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When a thirsty man cums in a girl's mouth and she chases it with a drink of Sprite from McDonald's then kisses you, spitting the cum and Sprite in your mouth, making it extra crispy.
This bitch gave me an Extra Crispy Sprite last night.
by Wibby Wu-tang January 23, 2021
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(nig-gen-er-ot) A mix between the words nigger, degenerate, and idiot typically used to describe a white female probation officer that's extremely ditzy.
Man, my PO is a real niggenerot.
by Wibby Wu-tang March 25, 2020
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When a girl is riding a man during sex and as he start to cum, she bends down to his ear and screams so loud, it busts his ear drum.
Dude, Jessica pulled The Black Canary on me last night and now I'm deaf!
by Wibby Wu-tang January 23, 2021
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