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1. VERY fast cars
2. Stupidly hard word to spell, well done if you found this
Who ate all the pies:" hey what was that white blur that just overtook me "
The Real Stiggy:" me in my Koenigsegg "
Who Ate All The Pies:" damn you "
by Who Ate All The Pies July 16, 2006
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dont ask... very complicated, can take years and years to learn but the British do it naturally.
"I dont understand, must be British humor"
by Who Ate All The Pies July 17, 2006
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The British Challenger tank is the fastest and most powerful tank in the world to date. With its revolutionary fireing mechanism and armour it is able to withstand multiple RPG hits with out penertrating into the cab or turret. It has a huge 12 cylinder diesel engine in the back which produces 1200hp and is able to make it travel at over 40mph on rough ground even though it weighs over 62 tonnes. It has been used in Iraq and Afgahnistan and proven itself to be the best main battle tank in the world. It also come as standard with a kettle!!
Jeremy Clarkson stood under challenger gun - "The thing im most interested in though is the big gun, which you can see is rifled for greater accuracy. Unlike those smooth bore American ones that just hit something... over... there."
by Who Ate All The Pies August 10, 2006
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LEGEND He is one of the best defenders in the world and is and England international player. Has the knack of being in the right place at tghe right time. He can play anywhere on the pitch if he really wanted to (which includes in goal). He has also won the title of Chelsea captain and is up for the running as England Captain as a successor to David Beckham.
"no-ones getting past that rock John Terry at the back"
by Who Ate All The Pies July 18, 2006
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