dont ask... very complicated, can take years and years to learn but the British do it naturally.
"I dont understand, must be British humor"
by Who Ate All The Pies July 17, 2006
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Used to describe something that is not funny, but to indicate that you should pretend that it is so "intellectual" pricks will not deride you as an uncultured, ignorant dolt.
Man is struck in the face with a bat.
Arrogant prick: "OH, HAHAHA, everybody look how funny I think that is!"

Friend: "How can you laugh at that? That's horrible. You don't even sound like you really like it anyway."

Arrogant prick: "It's British humor you ignorant, uncultured dolt! It requires a higher intelligence than you possess to appreciate"

Sheeple: "Oh, it's British humor! I think it's funny too! HAHAHAHA! I'm so glad I'm not an ignorant, uncultured dolt like that guy. HAHAHAHA"
*Looks around to make sure everyone sees him laughing.*
by turibe January 22, 2011
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bitter, sarcastic, and dry humor.
very, very, blunt.
usually understood better by those of a more intelligent breed.
actually quite funny.
offended lady:
the joke that arse made was so rude!

random bloke:
oh, it was just a bit of british humor!
by Clarizzle! December 11, 2008
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