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A sexual euphemism for banging your best friends wife/girlfriend. An individual who wants to 'John Terry' his friends wife is in most occasions an overrated, overpaid, unloyal, backstabbing degenerate who is not to be trusted, IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!
Dylan: "phwoar, I wouldn't mind giving kristen a quick John Terry in the bathroom".
Steven: "too right, just remember to pay her off with a confidentiality agreement, and look out for the News of the World's paparazzi".
by Brilliantov February 07, 2010
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will be the future england captain, continuous indiscretions always convientently forgotten when the issue is discussed, because he's from london, shouts like Michael Caine and plays for a london club.
john terry was not considered for England's World Cup squad in 2002 after the incident
by Jemal Ginsberg July 11, 2006
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LEGEND He is one of the best defenders in the world and is and England international player. Has the knack of being in the right place at tghe right time. He can play anywhere on the pitch if he really wanted to (which includes in goal). He has also won the title of Chelsea captain and is up for the running as England Captain as a successor to David Beckham.
"no-ones getting past that rock John Terry at the back"
by Who Ate All The Pies July 18, 2006
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A very good but very over rated English Central Defender could be a good England Captain but not nearly as good as Steven Gerrard would be.
Granty - That John Terry's good aint he?
Gaz - Yeah, got fuck all on Ste Gerrard though
by Gary McGowan September 02, 2006
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i luv im, e iz my fovurite player, i have a poster of him in my grimy bedroom, i hate girls but i am a batty boy that loves john terry. i am chicken bret dat needs a wash
initals E.F

edword ford
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Make sure you never take your wife to a football game trust me it'll be the last time you'll see her yes he has stole my last 37 wives and no I am not a fuckboy just a player like the man himself torin Jackson hawked
by Cummins cider April 21, 2017
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