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Bizarre human behavior. So named because such behavior is especially common in Florida and Germany. Popularized by Adam Corolla of the Loveline radio program, as callers would phone the show, give an example of bizarre behavior, then Adam and others in the studio would guess whether the event happened in Florida or Germany. Someone with good knoweldge of either location can tell which due to cultural differences between Florida and Germany.
"A 17 year-old was recently arrested for attempting to rob a bank with a potato gun. Florida or Germany?"
by Whiskey Zulu December 7, 2003
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noun: The more elevated side of a white-water raft that is either hung up or about to be hung up on a rock.

verb: To lean on the highside of a white-water raft to prevent the other side from being sucked under by the current, which will probably flip the raft.
When the rapid sent our raft out-of-control into a rock, the guide shouted "highside!" and everyone on my side, the far side of the raft from the rock, piled onto the other side.
by Whiskey Zulu December 7, 2003
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The quandary of whether to achieve one's goals with a few products of high quality, or many products of low quality, as one cannot have both high quality and high quantity
The dilemma the farmer faced was one of quality vs. quantity--should he plant many seeds of a variety with a low germination rate, or fewer seeds of a variety with a high germination rate.
by Whiskey Zulu December 7, 2003
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A very short period of time. So named because New York is a busy city where people are in such a rush that a minute seems to pass in less than sixty seconds.
When the most attractive girl in school asked me if I wanted to have sex with her, I thought about it for a New York minute before saying "yes".
by Whiskey Zulu December 7, 2003
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