Battle for Dream Island is an American animated web series about a competition between inanimate, anthropomorphic objects. It was created by Cary Huang and Michael Huang. It premiered on January 1, 2010, and is currently airing its fourth season. The entire series is uploaded on YouTube, on the channel Jacknjellify.
Did you watch the new BFDI episode yet?
by TurterLikesBFDI August 17, 2018
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An internet show starring living objects as the characters. The show has been released in 2010 and its latest episode (This definition was written in 2016, Dec 25) was in 2016.
have you seen the latest episode of BFDI yet?
by Sirenn December 25, 2016
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I am so sad that pencil was eliminated from BFDI. She was my favorite character. At least ice cube is still in!
by lego adam November 9, 2016
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Person 1) Have you watched BFDI yet?
Person 2) Yeah it’s so awesome!!
by firerabbit1234 September 5, 2021
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BFDI’s birthday is on January 1st, so BFDI fans better put it on their calendars!
“Hey! Have you heard? It’s BFDI’s birthday today!”
by A BFDI Fan February 20, 2022
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A Character From Bfdi That Thinks Taco from bfdi is simply the worst, and the whole fanbase hates him
Guy 1: Hey Do You Hate The Book From Bfdi ?
Guy 2:Yes He Is A Bastard
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