Battle for Dream Island is an American animated web series about a competition between inanimate, anthropomorphic objects. It was created by Cary Huang and Michael Huang. It premiered on January 1, 2010, and is currently airing its fourth season. The entire series is uploaded on YouTube, on the channel Jacknjellify.
Did you watch the new BFDI episode yet?
by TurterLikesBFDI August 17, 2018
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Buried Forest, Deciduously Insulated
Excuse yourself Gelatin, I believe the correct term is "Buried Forest, Deciduously Insulated"(BFDI). I've heard stories about these... but I never knew we lived so close to one! ”

— Donunt in BFB 14
by BR4H May 27, 2022
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An internet show starring living objects as the characters. The show has been released in 2010 and its latest episode (This definition was written in 2016, Dec 25) was in 2016.
have you seen the latest episode of BFDI yet?
by Sirenn December 25, 2016
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1.) Abbreviation of Battle for Dream Island, an American animated web series that was conceptualized in 2008 by Cary Huang and Michael Huang and premiered on January 1st, 2010. It’s original run is clearly inspired by Total Drama Island in various aspects, most notably through inanimate, anthropomorphic objects competing against each other as contestants in order to receive a prize. As of 2022, the show is currently airing its fifth season. The entire series can be found on YouTube on the channel Jacknjellify. See Also: Inanimate Insanity, Object Overload.

2.) Acronym for Blocky’s Funny Doings International (Rebranded as Woody’s Funny Doings International), a series of pranks Blocky, an original contestant, pulls on his fellow competitors.
“Did you hear? BFDI finally concluded a season since it’s first run!”

Lmao. Took them like 11 years.”
by Wartscoveredinwartz July 15, 2022
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Person 1) Have you watched BFDI yet?
Person 2) Yeah it’s so awesome!!
by firerabbit1234 September 5, 2021
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the shit, like, seriously.
the coolest webseries about living objects since lego stopmotion.
also a shit ton of weird ass fetish art on the hellsite known as DeviantArt
Guy 1: "Have you seen BFDI?"
Guy 2: "Yeah I love the TF Fanfics"
Guy 2 was later sentenced to death
by PikaboyMOD August 12, 2023
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BFDI is an acronym for Battle For Dream Island, which was a show that was created by American twins named Cary Huang and Michael Huang. Which first premiered on January 1st, 2010.

The show is also known as an "object show"
which is a series where animated objects compete for a specific prize, the idea was based off of the show Total Drama Island.

BFDI also consists of different acronyms in the Battle For Dream Island Universe

Blocky's Funny Doings International

Blocky's Funny Doings International is a series created by one of the contestants in BFDI, known as Blocky. Where Blocky pulls pranks on tons of different people, like putting tacks on a Bubble Recovery Center, with most of the pranks appearing in Season 1.

(Bubble is another character.)
(Recovery Centers are fictional machines that revive a contestant after their death.

Including another acronym known as "Buried Forest Deciduously Insulated"
Otherwise known as the Inverted Planet

Which is a large and underground area. That consists of a hollow sphere including a forest with a pool, which also includes a core/glowing light in the middle of the planet.

Also, BFDI is known to be the prize of the 4th season of the entire series alone, also known as Battle for BFDI. a BFDI contains archives of different episodes within BFDI, including a back-up version known as a "BFB" which includes a screen that plays moments from the 4th season.

More information on the Battle For Dream Island Wiki.
1. Have you ever seen BFDI before? - Battle For Dream Island

2. BFDI is a pretty decent prank show - Blocky's Funny Doings International

3. Gelatin, I believe that the correct term is Buried Forest, Deciduously Insulted. (BFDI) -Donut / 4th Season

4. I really want to win the BFDI. It has been such a treasure in my eyes for these 4 years (Length of Battle for BFDI) - a BFDI
by Radin Happier July 15, 2023
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