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That day after the Superbowl when everyone's talking about it, and you feel like a total idiot if you missed it.
The water cooler on Superbowl Monday is pretty crowded.
by Wasser_Spiegel February 5, 2007
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1. Expression that both mocks the poor grammar of the popular greeting "what it is," and denoting your own poverty or misfortune, adapted from the popular Everlast single of the same name. Can also be used for "have-nots" to mock the "haves" and their slight, shallow troubles.
1. Rich kid: My RAZR won't come on!
... Everyone else: What it's like.

2. Cast of Laguna Beach: =( He broke up with me.
... Everyone else: xD WHAT IT'S LIKE, MOFO!

by Wasser_Spiegel February 1, 2007
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Being in love with one's automobile, usually the the point that it's really annoying. Common with people just getting their first car, or people who have invested a lot of money in a worthless car.
Yes, so you ripped a wing off a Plymouth Superbird and hot-glued it to your Civic. Congratulations, you're guilty of senseless carcissism. You can stop talking about it now. Yes, yes, I know how you need to hold down the back end of your front-wheel-drive car. Please, for the love of God, just shut up.
by Wasser_Spiegel April 27, 2007
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Modern revisit to the classic dawn of id software, and a stark change from the originals of the series (like Wolfenstein 3D). True to the FPS format, RtCW takes B.J Blazkowicz back to Nazi Germany, working for the Office of Secret Actions, where he must escape his dungeon prison Castle Wolfenstein, uncover the secret projects of the SS (e.g. the Venom gun and the the Super Soldier project), and eventually return to the castle to defeat the Nazi's ultimate weapon: the reincarnated Heinrich.
RtCW gives a modern spin on the Wolfenstein series and features many actual weapons and figureheads of the era (Colt 1911, Luger, Himmler) and several ficticious creations (the Venom, Tesla, and Lopers).
by Wasser_Spiegel July 2, 2005
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Discontinued Honda based on models such as the CRX and Civic with removable top and three versions: S, Si, and VTEC.
by Wasser_Spiegel February 14, 2005
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Fusion of 'exaggerate' and 'masturbate.' Has two very different meanings.

-to become so heated in argument that it becomes an almost sexual experience.

-to become so involved in masturbation that the rest of the world disappears. Your arm being tired, your mom walking in, your house catching fire--all become non-issues.
Stem cell research always got him so riled up. In our class discussion, he actually got out of his seat and started yelling, making gestures, references to the Patriot Act... you know, really exagerbating.

Vida Guerra's perfect ass gets me exagerbating every time.
by Wasser_Spiegel August 15, 2005
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Primarily Arabic religion teaching peace, love, and dedication to the one True God--Allah. The prophet Muhammad was given the direct word of Allah by the angel Gabriel, where it was taken down verbatim and has remained unchanged since. Their holy book, the Qu'ran, names several miracles performed by Muhammad by permission of Allah, as well as several scientific truths proved only recently by modern technology--the borders of saline and freshwater, the shape of a microscopic embryo in development, the concept that the earth and heavens were one united 'dust' before they were separated (as in the Big Bang Theory). Right-wing Christians have corrupted the security Muslims share in their faith into an image of terrorism and evil, although the true meaning behind the faith is of peace and acceptance, as they take Christians and Jews as fellow followers of the Book--misguided, but still devout to the same God.
The advent of Islam in the 6th century came as the Bible became corrupted and Allah sent His final prophet.
by Wasser_Spiegel June 18, 2005
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