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1. (noun) An urban derivative of the word "gains", referring to additional muscle mass acquired through lifting weights.

2. (noun) Any form of protein used within the diet of a bodybuilder consumed with the intent of increasing overall muscle mass.
(ex) "BRO! Check out these sick gainz!"

(ex) "Dude, I gotta cut this short. I need to get in my gainz every 2 hours!"
by #NurseMike November 28, 2016
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What you get from curling in the squat rack and dumbbell pressing every day
Bro 1: Yo brah, I had a sick workout yesterday. Check out mah gainz.
Bro 2: Sick, brah.
by Curlbrah February 03, 2013
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Gainz is similar in meaning as gains, but don't get fooled by the two. Gainz is when you need added weight in your dips to make them harder. It's the most alpha way of explaining your muscle mass.
Bro 1: don't spot me
Bro 2: why not you can't lift that

Bro 1: you're stealing my gainz son
by Don't be a gain stealer June 26, 2016
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1. To speak retarded and in text talk, whilst inventing new meanings.

2. Gainsborough

Origin: §xe §c®åG§, who's totally down wit da Gainz massive
"ohh n u can all bring ya lil bikes 2 cz ders a biker shitty fingy in gains"
by Gainz Massive January 31, 2005
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