3 definitions by Vulgarvernacular

In reference to jizzing on your partners face then quickly and unexpectedly putting your ass in front of their nose and igniting a fart
I told him to shoot his load all over my face but before I could open my eyes the bastard did an about face then ripped & lite one and started chanting "Creme Brulee"
by Vulgarvernacular January 21, 2017
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I finally fucked Tiffany in the ass! But bitch was so drunk she took me to the Dark side of the Moon before I could pull out!
by Vulgarvernacular November 12, 2020
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A type of vegan that only eats fruits and vegetables picked during a full moon. Principly from California.
Dude WTF I've got this vegan at table 12 that can't eat any nightshades and only eats veggies picked on a full Moon.... the Bitch is a Lunar Vegan!
by Vulgarvernacular January 22, 2017
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