5 definitions by Vulcan Shoryuken

Commonly used meme that can be used to annoy people, and catch them off guard. If abused, you won't be surprising them, just pissing them off and helping them destroy you in the comments section of your YouTube videos. But if used at the right time, it can make people laugh instantly.
by Vulcan Shoryuken October 5, 2018
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A word used to define something that is too cool, weird, funny, silly, badass, or legit.

For example, Spongebob's popular "*breath in* boi" meme is dank not only because of how he put the words together, but the body language he used in such a savagely legit way is what truly makes it ridiculously awesome.
by Vulcan Shoryuken July 14, 2018
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A phrase a man uses towards a woman You can use this as another way of saying that you saved a woman's life in some way, (e.g. pushing her out of the way of a moving car, saving her from drowning, etc) but after said heroic deed, the woman accuses you of rape, so next time she gets into a life-or-death situation, you will not save her, because she is ungrateful to be alive.
Woman: I just got run over by a car! *cough blood* Why didn't you save me?!
Man: Apparently, it's "rape" now, so... Die, Felicia!
by Vulcan Shoryuken December 30, 2019
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"To lose one's shit" has a very similar meaning as "to lose one's mind" Except your mind is brown, ugly, smelly, often watery, and is being dropped in, and clogging toilets at an alarming rate, as we speak.
To lose one's shit, can be used in this
Guy: Was Kanye on grass when he wrote "Lift Yourself"?!
Guy 2: Fo' sheezy nigga, he lost his shit.
by Vulcan Shoryuken December 22, 2018
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A combination of the word "Zen" and "Genocide". it's the feeling when you get when you're full of rage, but in a very chill and nonchalant way
I'm so angry, but imma choose Zenocide
by Vulcan Shoryuken October 6, 2021
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