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This word has various meanings. 1) someone working overtime (see Nervous Nigel). 2) a state where someone has drank a wee too much coffee. 3) in certain circles, another way of saying gumf. 4) a phrase volvo_man made up because a bloody spider crawled up and over his computer screen a few times at super speed. Yeah, you shut up.
Badlino: "must work...must drink...COFFEE."
Groot: "Hey man, i think it's time to lay off the caffine. you've gone coffee happy, man."
by Volvo_Man January 6, 2004
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Obscence or without meaning; sometimes means an undefined swearword, making it possible to swear like hell at people who have no idea what the gumf you're saying. I'm not gonna put an example here because I already have ya lazy gumf.
There! I did it again! Twice now! Damn ass gumf!
by Volvo_Man January 6, 2004
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A spider that keeps popping up at frequent intervals. A coffee happy spider. Also means someone who has been working overtime.
"Hey man, lay off the work. We don't want you turning into Nervous Nigel."
by Volvo_Man January 6, 2004
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