4 definitions by Volleyballgrl

(tye-tan-ickd) verb
1) sank
2) something exciting that turned into something awful

Our tube just titaniced! You went too slow!
Person 1: I thought that was going to be fun, but it sucked!
Person 2: Yeah, it really titaniced.
by Volleyballgrl August 17, 2008
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a pedicure in which the dead skin on your feet is removed by "doctor fish"
Person 1: Are you coming to the movies on Friday?
Person 2: Can't. I've got a fishicure appointment.
by Volleyballgrl August 13, 2008
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One who is completely obsessed with how their profile looks. Commonly referring to someone who spends a lot of time on AIM.
Person 1: Wow, her pro is really cool lately!
Person 2: It better be. She's really procd!
by Volleyballgrl August 11, 2008
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A combination between "shiz" and "shit"
Person 1: Sorry, the tickets are all sold out for the 6 PM show. The next show is at midnight tomorrow.
Person 2: SHIZIT!
by Volleyballgrl August 20, 2008
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