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1940's slang for someone being murdered.
Did you hear about Thompson? He got rubbed out with a shotgun loaded with buckshot. Both barrels to the face.
by Vintage Translator January 28, 2018
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A simple way of asking what's on someone's mind, and a way of giving their thoughts credit if the person is feeling down. Used in the movie Casablanca.

It's important to note that in America, our thoughts are only worth a penny.
Ilsa: Franc for your thoughts?
Rick: *chuckles* In America, they're only worth a penny.
by Vintage Translator February 03, 2019
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A dress code of what to wear to an evening event. Also called a tuxedo. It is worn with a black or midnight blue tuxedo jacket self faced lapels, either peaked lapels or shawl, with matching trousers. The shirt is either a pleated front with studs, french cuffs, and a turndown collar, or a pique (or Marcella) weave starched, with single cuffs, and a wing collar. The waist covering is a must, usually a black cummerbund, or a black or white waistcoat. The bow tie is black, and should be one you tie yourself. Black socks, and black polished Oxford dress shoes.
The event tomorrow night is Black Tie, so be sure to get your shirt ironed.
by Vintage Translator January 31, 2018
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Also 6, 2, and Even. A phrase referring to horseraces, where those numbers on a horse indicated that that horse was most likely to win, so it was the safest horse to bet on. Outside of horseracing, the phrase claims what is most likely going to happen.
Joe: Hey, did you hear about the George leaving his girl?

Philip: Yeah, but I wouldn't worry too much. Six, Two, and Even he'll have another girl in three days.
by Vintage Translator February 02, 2018
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A maneuver practiced by women to convince her lover to stay. Immediately after sex, the woman leaves the room and re-enters quite soon after with food, drink, and possibly cigarettes. This maneuver can fall the toughest of men, and there is no known effective counter.
Kent: "So why is Joe a Smitten Kitten suddenly with Louise?"

James: "She pulled The Man Trap on him once, and now he's fallen head over heels."
by Vintage Translator February 13, 2020
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A nickname for a cigarette. First used in 1888 to describe a partially burned cigarette, it worked under the 1400s' definition of the word, meaning a loose piece or a remainant of cloth. The definition expanded to include whole cheap cigarettes, and has expanded to any cigarette.
"Say, pal, one of my best men got rubbed out to-day, could I bum a fag?"
by Vintage Translator August 18, 2020
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A Zoot Suit is a suit that has a killer-diller jacket with drape shape, trousers with reet plates and stuffed cuffs, and a loud art deco necktie.

Also called a Pachuco, it was popular among rebellious youth in America during WWII
I'm picking up my Zoot Suit from the tailor to-morrow!
by Vintage Translator February 13, 2020
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