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The fjory!!!!!
You've released the fucking fjory! You've unleashed the fucking fjory!--Yngwie, to a woman on a plane coming back from Tokyo.
by Viking August 06, 2003

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Abbreviation for the Institute of Technology, specifically at the University of Minnesota. Members of this group use codes like 1337 (leet) and 31337 (elite) to convey emotion. They should be avoided, as they are usually extemely nerdy. Exceptions include those of the Honors IT group, who are lead by Bob Peppin (God) and are not douchebags like those pricks in Carlson School of Management.
"My computer broke, so I got one of the IT guys to fix it"
"At least people drink in Honors IT"
"Honors IT; less asians than regular IT"
by viking February 21, 2005

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a person that likes to blow up stuff, have incest, fucks his family and be a muslim
N-J, an idler in irc with lots of hair on his ass
by viking January 09, 2005

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(UK slang) Sachet of stench; malodorous ooze zone; paternity trouble bucket; gay no-man's-land; smelly cachet of STD's; bloody-napkin holder; frontal farter.
Like a minge, the creature bled for five days but would not die.
by Viking November 11, 2003

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U.S. (1) Butt; rear; derriere; fartmaker. (2) Woman's first name. Also: Fanny Farmer (1) Brand of American chocolates (2) A butt-centric perv.
Fanny showed me her fanny, and, for that, I gave her a box of Fanny Farmer.
by Viking November 11, 2003

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