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For my own author's page, click on the following link: author Victor Van Styn.
by Victor Van Styn September 19, 2005

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short for 'with'. Has a correct and incorrect usage, which doesn’t apply to note-taking.
Stupid person: I'll have a cheeseburger w/ cheese.
by Victor Van Styn September 25, 2005

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..is short for ‘Adults Only’ (most extreme videogame rating in the U.S.). See also the other vg ratings: EC(Early Childhood), K-A(Kids to Adults; was replaced by 'E' in 1996), E(Everyone), E10+(Everyone ten years of age or older), T(Teen), M(Mature Audience), AO(Adults Only), and ESRB.
GTA:SA(Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) is no longer rated 'M', but instead 'AO', and subsequesntly is no longer on the shelves, barely in stock at all.
by Victor Van Styn July 26, 2005

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What the below sentence is.
This is an UrbanDictionary.com example of the word ‘example’ (teh definition of which is given above).
by Victor Van Styn September 21, 2005

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part of speach: interjection
"Excellent!", "Wonderful!", "Terrific!"; used to show happiness about something that some-one just said.

Pronounced `PREE-muh', with a slight roll of the ‘r’.

Etymology: German ‘prima’, meaning
I scored a 98 on my History Exam!!!!!

:O!!! Prima!!!!!!

Dass ist prima!! ("That is terrifific!!")
by Victor Van Styn September 04, 2005

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A misspelling for the word ‘misspelling’{mis-spell+ing).
The word ‘mispelling’ is a misspelling of the word ‘misspelling’. ^ __ ^.
by Victor Van Styn September 23, 2005

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An exclamtion found somewhere inbetween the words ‘crap’ and ‘Christ’.
Cripes, I forgot my keys again!!
by Victor Van Styn October 07, 2005

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