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a Femeus ut pleyer
dim0 is such an evenflow
by VeNoM March 19, 2003
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Now you all know who Spiderman REALLY is!
by VeNoM April 3, 2003
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A language invented by the Cirque du Soleil and used in most of their perfomance soundtracks. The language is actually gibberish, with no certain meaning to the lyrics of the soundtracks.
From the Quidam soundtrack, Marelle
Solkio estouma
Solkio djabo sitou
Kolio estou sve djabo
Solkio estou djabo sitou
by VeNoM November 5, 2004
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Bald pirate type guy. wheres an eyepatch and a huge wig.like animals alot.
haaar! leave the horse be my dweller
by VeNoM December 21, 2003
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Tupac waz the melcomex of our generation
he spoke the truth. evan though he made mistakes. he ment to do well for his race.and for everybody
we need to start making changes.
by VeNoM March 11, 2005
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top of everything he does. liked by everyone he meets. supreme in every way.
whoa hes the venom!
by VeNoM December 21, 2003
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