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a mispelling of the word hobbit
A: A hobit!
B: No... a hobbit.
by Vamm Goda February 23, 2004
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An all-powerful D&D character of Bens.
Muffin Man: I want to steal that necklace that's a leaf on that guy.

Silverleaf: You sure? That's my symbol.

Muffin Man: *steals necklace*

Silverleaf: *appears* YOU LOSE ALL YOUR CHARISMA AND INTELLIGENCE POINTS. But I'm merciful, so I'll give you a paper bag to cover your head with.
by Vamm Goda January 29, 2004
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green eyed 7th grader. at cushman. not in hip hop kidz. speaks french.
zaz! ZAZ! zaz! ZAZ! zaz!
by Vamm Goda February 06, 2004
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Friend, in a norse language.
Loki is sometimes called Thor's Runi, or Thor's Friend.
by Vamm Goda January 14, 2004
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Another name for Loki.
Balder: Aww, poor little Loke...
Loki: *twitch* I'll get you for that...
by Vamm Goda January 30, 2004
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An alias of Keahft
*listens to Clouds Dome over and over and over again. forgets to write an example.*
by Vamm Goda February 02, 2004
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