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A level of drunken-ness that is characterized by drinking of ridiculous amounts of alcohol resulting in glazed eyes, loss of balance, need to grab asses of as many girls as possible. This is a drunken condition that is as close to death by alcohol as one could become.
A person who becomes CVR'd typically will be found sporting a visor of some kind, regardless of the weather, as well as a black fleece jacket.
Dude you were totally CVR'd last night. You grabbed like 5 girls' asses.

Yea man I don't remember anything.
by Valpo Law November 03, 2010
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The condition a man gets when he first sees a woman and knows that he must have her regardless of what it takes or costs, much like the feeling of seeing the hottest stripper and knowing you must get her to grind all over you. This is a temporary condition that can only be rectified by sleeping with the girl.
Dude 1: You see that hot girl there by the bar?
Dude 2: Yeah what about her?
Dude 1: I've got a total stripper crush on her. I must have her.
by Valpo Law February 22, 2012
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