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Cockpit Voice Recorder. One of the black boxes of an aircraft. It's a device which records the last 30 minutes of auditory communication inside the cockpit before a crash.
The divers finally found the CVR.
by Tamaki March 07, 2007
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A level of drunken-ness that is characterized by drinking of ridiculous amounts of alcohol resulting in glazed eyes, loss of balance, need to grab asses of as many girls as possible. This is a drunken condition that is as close to death by alcohol as one could become.
A person who becomes CVR'd typically will be found sporting a visor of some kind, regardless of the weather, as well as a black fleece jacket.
Dude you were totally CVR'd last night. You grabbed like 5 girls' asses.

Yea man I don't remember anything.
by Valpo Law November 03, 2010
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