3 definitions by VIOLET666MOON

A guy who has no soul, is a serial liar and fake. Short pathetic excuse for a human being.
Jeremy is a buttass for running away like that....
by VIOLET666MOON April 20, 2019
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The dopest chick that sees through bullshit and keeps it real and knows whatup. She's a keeper 100% honest and original she is charismatic, mysterious, dark and eccentric, reckless and unruly her chaos will brings you peace.
That chick can be a batcoon sometimes she gets crazy but usually keeps it G.
by VIOLET666MOON April 20, 2019
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A tarantulacoon is usually a male. His traits appear that he may question authority and gets intimidated easily fights over flight mode if threatened born on the month of a Gemini or falls close on the astrological calendar. This creature resembles a wolf, found in the indian hills or jurupa valley. Urban legends have suggested that a tarantulacoon is a shape shifter; Duckcoon, trantulabat, etc. Attracted by generic brand peanut butter and other questionable substances Researchers don't reccomend trusting these species. They are possibly toxic and poisonous and unpredictable. Use caution when contact if close or near particularly on a full moon.
Use caution when going out at night on a full moon, that's when the trantulacoons come out.
by VIOLET666MOON April 20, 2019
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