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Noun: someone of low intelligence who is a hopeless pawn of mind control (AKA mainstream media and Pop culture).
The word is a mix of MKULTRA (a U.S. government mind control program) and Trick (a slut or whore; an "easy ride" as they say). Basically it's like calling someone a whore of the system.

A similar slang pejorative term is "Pop Tart."
when I become a star, I'll have an army of obedient MKULTricks!
by V1R4L August 16, 2010
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"Iä" is a word used to address eldritch Lovecraftian gods of supreme cosmic evil. Probably the (currently) most common use of this greeting is "Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!" Which basically translates to "Hail! Hail! Cthulhu sleeps!" "Iä!" is pronounced thusly: ee-AY! (same phoenetic vowel combination as "eat cake.") This word can also be used to describe something suitably badass, or perhaps evil in a hokey sort of way. It's quite versatile.
Have you seen that new Pope? When I see him, I don't know whether to cross myself or to cry out Iä!
by V1R4L June 26, 2010
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Flick (verb): to drug or poison something that is to be consumed, unbeknownst to the subject (victim).
Nurse! Y'all flicked my nachos didn't you? I'm not eating them.
by V1R4L August 16, 2010
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Originally a Sumerian adjective used to denote "evil" or "great," it has made its way into modern popular culture via books such as Simon's "Necronomicon" and developed into a term for "bad in a cool kind of way" or "cool in a baaaaad kind of way." It is synonymous with the street version of "bad" meaning favorable or exceptional. Also, "more cool than cool" and subsequently difficult for the unenlightened to pronounce.
The "X" is intoned as an exaggerated German or Arab CH, as in "Achmed."
What if we invite some Star Vampires to the Prom?" "Dude, that would be, like, totally XUL!!
by V1R4L June 27, 2010
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