Originally a Sumerian adjective used to denote "evil" or "great," it has made its way into modern popular culture via books such as Simon's "Necronomicon" and developed into a term for "bad in a cool kind of way" or "cool in a baaaaad kind of way." It is synonymous with the street version of "bad" meaning favorable or exceptional. Also, "more cool than cool" and subsequently difficult for the unenlightened to pronounce.
The "X" is intoned as an exaggerated German or Arab CH, as in "Achmed."
What if we invite some Star Vampires to the Prom?" "Dude, that would be, like, totally XUL!!
by V1R4L June 27, 2010
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That wasn't you.
I know you.
It was someone else.
Who wou were portraying.

That day you made me cry.
That day you had it.
I lost the one.
I opened up to.

Waiting for you.
As time goes by.
It happens.
You are worth the wait.
As I need to be.
Long without you.
Will give me...
538 ven, 9 de xul.
How does it concern you?
Stay out of my business.
by Astronauts training coach October 2, 2023
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