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Used when talking about video game systems that are coming out or have just came out. Currenlty, this gen systems are the Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox and GameCube. The next gen will be the PS3, N5 and Xbox 2.
Why buy next gen when you can always get a SNES?
by UserNames_Suck March 11, 2004
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a disease that causes the media to compensate for a lack of real news by hyping up the threat of some random virus such as SARS.

Taken from maddox.xmission.com
Better watch out, the media is breaking out with IPBJ again.
by UserNames_Suck September 07, 2004
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A metallica album from July 1983. A favorite to the thrash crowd and any one that has good taste in music.
The nu metal kids have no idea what Kill em all is.
by UserNames_Suck March 05, 2004
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The shorter name for the 80s ska/punk band Operation Ivy. Members include Jesse, Lint, Matt and Dave. After two years, and 185 shows, including their infamous laundromat show, and their show in the middle of nowhere where one person turned up, Operation Ivy called it quits.
Rancid sucks, listen to Op Ivy
by UserNames_Suck March 18, 2004
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