North London post code and home of the worlds greatest football club, The Arsenal.
"N5, home of The Arsenal".
by sooner_gooner August 9, 2009
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N5 stands for Nigga to the fifth power. This is extremely hood. The most ghetto of ghetto. N5 does not discriminate. You could be green and if your blasting flocka, posted at Upson Deli for some 4LOCOs, and your clothes don't fit inevitably you are an N5.

There are lower levels of N5 (1-5) But usually your either N5 or nothing. But sometimes you could be in between in rare circumstances.

N5 was the highest level of hood until the newly discovered "N5 Elites" were found. They have the highest ghetto level and you should avoid contact with at all costs. Never run from an N5 Elite. Never make eye contact or speak to an N5 Elite. If you find yourself confronted by an N5 elite your are most certainly going to die. Or worse. The only know way to defeat an N5 Elite is the legendary attack, The Hadouken
Woah see that dude running down the street with the TV? That's N5 as hell.
by From Euclid Ohio October 23, 2010
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