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derived from a netaudio band located in berne, switzerland. starfrosch is most often used as a noun to describe or act as a substitute for anything the speaker desires, but usually refers to something sexual in nature. Usually preceded by an article. (the starfrosch)
"They were doin' the starfrosch last night!"
"Put your clothes in the starfrosch."
"Hey babe, wanna go do the starfrosch?"
"What the starfrosch??"
"What in the starfrosch were you thinking?!"
by Urbanlegend August 23, 2004
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for somthing to be really cool, great or hairy. (Perth Australian Slang)
That chick is F*cken mobfur..
by Urbanlegend October 15, 2003
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Netaudio is music that is distributed freely and legally via the internet. Often the term Netaudio is used as somewhat a synonym for files in the mp3 format.
"This is cool netaudio sound."
"Hey this sound can be legaly downloaded."
"Google for netaudio."
by Urbanlegend August 23, 2004
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