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When a naked man bends over, and puts his nuts and penis behind him, similar to a banana and two nuts in a basket, ie the fruit basket.
She wanted me to bend over and show her my fruit basket.
by urban legend March 27, 2003

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When a human female has sexual intercourse with a horse. Women who experience it say that a horse's dick is twice as large and lasts three times as long compared to that of a black man.
Catherine the Great did not die on the toilet seat. She was killed during the passionate act of ponysex. Must have been too good for her.
by urban legend July 02, 2003

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1)A big headed boy.
2)A Ghanaian boy with an extremely BIG HEAD
" Ske walked in front of the projector and completely blocked the screen. It was similar to an eclipse"
by Urban Legend February 03, 2005

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Quite possibly Australian in origin. (appologies if its not)

Dribbling Shit, refers to a conversation where what one person is saying either makes no sense or is of little importance to anything.. (completely Irrelavant)
While talking on a first date:

Paul (dribbling shit): "..in each world obey all the usual conventional statistical laws predicted by the probabilistic Born interpretation, by showing that the Hilbert space's inner product or norm has a special property..."

Daniela (politely):"Stop dribbling shit"
by Urban Legend November 02, 2004

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a fictional piece of equipment commonly used as an alibi. used in situations in which if the truth were known it could be detrimental to the person trying to cover it up.
Person 1: Whoa dude what the hell happened to your face? I heard you got in a fight at the club last night!

Person 2: Nah man, I just wrecked my ten speed yesterday.

Unknown person 3: NO WAY!!! I wrecked my bike and had the exact same injury! WEIRD!!
by Urban Legend June 17, 2008

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an inquisitive, red-headed creature known to roam the land in search of a stressful situation in which he/she can cry about.
Look at Gould... he's such a ginger monkey
by Urban Legend June 17, 2008

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(v.) to cum in another man's foreskin and let it crust overnight.
I'm done with nestling, let's crestle tonight!
by Urban Legend June 10, 2008

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