4 definitions by Urban Jed

Eye soreness caused by staring at a TV or computer monitor for long periods of time, usually while watching porn.
I could have watched that webcam girl all night, but I eventually had to log off when I got porn eye.
by Urban Jed June 8, 2007
displacement of small business by large corporations (seeking to target upper- or middle-income families or individuals), thus stripping them of authenticity.
Ann Arbor was a cute little town until the starbucksification of State Street.
by Urban Jed February 6, 2010
I had this really awesome song on my page, which I loved until Karen myjacked it. Now no one will know which one of us found it first. What a douche!

by Urban Jed October 9, 2007
Someone that doesn't respond to your work emails while tweeting all day their various feelings about things.
My tweetdick of a manager is too busy to give me notes, but at least she found time to spread the word on that adorable cat video she stumbled upon.
by Urban Jed August 23, 2011