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According to Jim Jarmusch, director of the film by this name: "Down by law, at the time in the mid-80s, was kind of in use on the streets as meaning a very close connection with somebody. If somebody was down by law, they were close to you or you would protect them. I know that, earlier, in prison slang, if somebody was down by law, and they got out before you, they would contact your family or look after people outside if you needed them to. So it meant something very close or a code. I really liked the contradiction of that, being something that sounds like being oppressed by the law, which of course under that condition is where the slang came from. So, I liked that contradiction of it. And I liked it also in terms of the film being contradictory in that they are oppressed by the law but they also become down by law with each other."
Jimmy ain't gonna rat on me. We're down by law.
by UnfrozenCaveman September 28, 2014

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(v.) to rape, or to drug someone's drink with the intention of raping them. The term is a reference to serial-rapist Bill Cosby, who was both a spokesman for Jello Pudding Pops and a serial rapist who drugged women and raped them.
Amy, don't drink that! I think that douchebag pudding-popped your drink!
Poor Tiffany doesn't date anymore; she's traumatized by a freshman-year date pudding-pop.
by UnfrozenCaveman November 22, 2014

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Replacing a word or syllable with "bro" as a way of dismissing it as categorically synonymous with douchebaggery without actually having to address its substance
Person #1: I'm pro-choice.
Person #2: You mean BRO-choice?
Person #1: Bro smearing is so intellectually lazy.
by UnfrozenCaveman June 26, 2016

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adj. An action meant to be directed at a political, social, or economic issue but having only purely symbolic value, often at the expense of time and energy action that could have been put to something consequential. So named because it feels good to do but does no good.
Person #1: Hey, are you gonna wear a safety pin on your hat to the anti-fascism parade to show solidarity with gay Muslim trans women?
Person #2: No, you ducking slacktivist, I'm on my way to an ACLU meeting to volunteer with their voter-registration drive because I prefer to do things that actually make a difference instead of wasting my time on tie-a-pink-ribbon-around-your-dick bullshit.
by UnfrozenCaveman January 22, 2017

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