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The most amazing dumpster diver/ garbage picker/ garbage sorter/ trash hoarder in the world. He dwells in he Big Blue Box in Thunder Bay. Uncle Jack enjoys spending time with his family (Jacob Hoggard, Dave Rosin, Chris Crippin, Tommy Mac) and taking long, romantic strolls through the landfill at sunset.
Uncle Jack, what are you looking for in the big blue box?
by Uncle Jack February 28, 2012

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1. A small town football club 8 miles away from Blackburn Lancasire.
2. It has nothing to be famous for apart from living on its title of being Blackburn Rovers biggest?? rivals. 3. Nicknamed the dingles after the inbred family off Emmerdale.
4. The fans and club always hoping for Blackburn to be relegated fron the premiership as they will never be promoted and not get a chance to play them again, lets face it the cup draw is not going to happen to often. last time these teams were in the same league the score was a dissapointing 5-1 to the rovers.
5. Play in a poo coloured kit with a hint of blue.
burnley fc?....who??
That team near Blackburn!!
oh yes the dingles!!
by uncle jack June 17, 2006

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