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A concoction of yummy deliciousness drunk primarily by the caffiene deprived.
That frappucino was flipping sweet. I'm gonna love me another one.
by Waldo Tumma Wub September 23, 2006
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During intercourse, when a man excretes in-between a woman's breasts, ejaculates onto said excrement & finally "mixes" it together with her breasts.
Big Joe: Ahh bro, i totally frapped Cindy last nite!

Jeff: Trying to mix things up, eh?*

Big Joe: You can say that again!

*Frappucino humour
by Disperse April 10, 2009
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A caffeinated drink made my Starbucks. Often known as "frapp" this has been a popular drink 2012-2017. It was invented in 1994 and since 2012 Starbucks has had some sales of over 2 billion dollars just of frappucinos.
by @n0nĀ„m0u$ July 31, 2017
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