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Can refer to an individual in a group of people that stalk, known as gang stalking, or mob stalking, or mulitistalking. They use hidden/covert moving vehicular and foot surveillance techniques, and their aim is to harass, maim, and sommetimes even kill, by any method they can think of, including vehicular, poisoning, electronic "soft-kill" weapons, or more traditional methods. Most often, they like to falsely blame the victim ,for recognizing the stalking problem, as being imaginary or chemerical thinking, or a mental illness, such as paranoid and schizophrenia. Criminal doctors "chime in" and knowingly give a false diagnosis to help influential wealthy criminals cover-up what they doing. People who are leaders in these groups have access to voice-to-skull technology, and weapons that use the electromagnetic spectrum frequencies/beams that shoot invisible strong electricity, microwave, and other harmful and sometimes lethal radio frequencies. People who are in these groups, which cover entire states and the entire USA and other industrilized countries, as well as some other countries, are from all backgrounds and vocations, and ages. It is linked to the deep pockets of the illicit drug trade, and The New Wolrd Order, which the elder President Bush introduced in a speech in the early 1990's, and that movement of the criminal elite continues today. Simply, if a person doesn't believe in aggression to overtake resources, including hurting innocent people, then the NWO network figures you don't meet their profile and standards, and you may find yourself being a target. In short, they like to sabottage innocent people's jobs, friendships, and health, usually over a period of time to cover their tracks using various methods, as described above, plus many more, to make everything look like just and "accident" or the bad breaks of life.
Tim was a rising star in electrical engineering, until the NWO criminals and their network began stalking him, and ruined his life.

See, mindjustice.org, and multistalkersforum, and eharassment.ca, and Eleanor White's web site.
by Twin Towers March 22, 2006
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