13 definitions by Trixie

I like you so much that I'm comparing you to a piece of delicious food which I would like to eat. Usually used in reference to sex.
Hey showty, can I get a piece of that fine ass?
by Trixie April 29, 2004
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I'm up for that!
You throwin' a party? Dude, I'm game!
by Trixie April 29, 2004
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You'll meet Sam from Columbia at the gig. He's a McFitty!
by Trixie May 12, 2008
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being stoned out of ones mind. Named after one Mennow at Ucsd who acheived the most consistant high levels of THC in his system at all times we named the very act of gettting high after him
im so mennowed out right now.....
by Trixie August 05, 2004
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Have you met James’ friend Dan? He’s a total nongay. What a lad.
by Trixie July 21, 2018
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Colon Eyes is a sassy way of saying you’re a power bottom.

Like the word colonisation, you’re the first person to sit on a new man, instead of new land.
Stranger: Are you a top or bottom?
Simon: Henny, I Colonise
by Trixie August 16, 2019
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