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Generic London Black Guy
A typical black person who can be found in the London area, can usually be seen on You Tube rap videos pretending to sell drugs. Can also found in loitering in university libraries making excessive noise and attracting attention. This behavior can also be displayed on public transport by playing distasteful music while lying to their friends about how much money they make.

Distinctive characteristics include; fake designer belts these are often mis-worn around neck & other body parts, bad use of the English language, even though England is their country of origin, fake designer sunglasses are also part of the uniform which they find intimidating.
"GLBG riding a bus home after a throughly unproductive day 'studying' at one of Britians worst educational institutions. He wares his fake Louis Vuiton belt as a necklace, he has his Blackberry phone in one hand, in the other his iPhone on which he is engaged in a very loud conversation.

"yeeeah FAM lke I woz saying yeh.

Manz made lke ten bagz on dis AC ting last week

obviouslllyy yeh manz got 2 go south shoot dis little

music ting, got dat covass ready and couple yatz

are gunna come tru on da ting stilll

But manz gotta go yard first borrow a hot score off my

mums for cab cause manz gotta little cash flow problem

right now ya get ME?
by Trident October 22, 2012

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"Angles and Dangles" is a submariners' term for a critical exercise that usually takes place right after a nuclear submarine leaves on a patrol. Once in deep water, the sub dives deep and then comes back up, both at a steep angle. Anything that is not properly secured will fall down, making some noise. These are known as dangles, and they must be corrected before a sub is fully rigged for silent running. Basically, you dive deep, come up steep, and listen to the result. In no way should this exercise be considered as "showing off" and is not usually something experienced bye the eyes of the public.
by trident October 13, 2003

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A stupid world made by a guy named Jason. It's based in a text sort've world. Where you walk around doing nothing. It's pointless and stupid. Just a world of nothing important. And well it just sucks.
I went to paralopia, it sucked.
by TridenT March 22, 2005

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A freaking moron who likes Turtles but does not really like Turtles. This person is a queer and is obessed with Urbandisctionary.com. Has problems with his brain and likes to love himself, because he has noone else.
That freaking Volcanic turtle is a bitch!
by TridenT March 26, 2005

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If you are the greatest gamer in the world you are Low-
I was playing on a mulch server last night and was destroyed it must have been Low-
by trident December 19, 2004

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1. A weapon the Devil uses.
2. A God more powerful than anything.
That damn Trident hurts my ass.
I wish I was a TridenT.
by TridenT March 22, 2005

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