An undercover operative of the South London Gang Unit in the United Kingdom.

Can be spotted trying to entrap people into eliciting the distribution of narcotics, and stalking small time suppliers of said commodities.
Trident: 'Excuse me, young man, do you happen to have any marijuana that I can purchase from you today?'
Supplier: 'Errmm... I don't know what you're talking about, sorry.'
{...makes a hasty getaway...}
Supplier's friend: How many bags did you move?
Supplier: Couldn't sell anything, the tridents were on to me with the quickness.'
by Tremz March 18, 2016
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A minecraft tool that does 8/9 damage normally it is a very good but rare tool you can get these can only be obtained after killing a drowned in the videogame minecraft
Hold on I just found a drowned underwater with a trident I'm going to kill it with my looting 3 sword to see If i get
by Mikeymac._.96 February 4, 2021
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The insertion of the middle finger, the pinky finger and the thumb into a vagina. All fingers will most likely be broken in the process.
Guy 1: Dude, did you give her a trident last night?
Guy 2: Yeah man, I think all my fingers are broken, but it was worth it!
by Spenny/Kris September 9, 2011
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Where's Finnick?
Odair he is.
What's that in his hand, you ask?
It's a three-pronged pitchfork, better known as a trident.
by The Good Grandfather November 27, 2015
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anything good, bad, weird, sad, funny, etc.
by pinkpanther719 November 27, 2020
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When three guys be sittin next to each other and the 2 on the outsides be gettin handjobs and the guy in the middle is gettin brain.
damn, this bitch is drunk as hell we should takeher round back and give her the TRIDENT son!!!
by M-dizzie May 24, 2007
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