A mind game technique when you do not give a candidate positive or negative feedback at any time. It is a type of mind game used in boot camp while training soldiers.
The soldier was not told if he passed or failed the exam and was sent to the next task as part of the silent running mind game.
by THX1138_ March 5, 2015
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In nautical terminology Running Silent (also known as Silent Running) is defined as a standard operating procedure used by the crew on a submarine when they wish to become or remain as undetectable as possible.

Slang Term: The act by a person to either avoid complete detection or to minimize one's presence. To hide or be deceptive or sneaky.

Similar slang expressions are: Going Ghost, Hide and Seek, Under the Radar, Stealth Mode, Duck and Cover, On the Down-Low, etc.
Ever since I asked Damian about the money he owes me he's been running silent and avoiding me at every opportunity.
by Who 'Dis? Who 'Dat? April 30, 2019
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Top Battlefield Twitch Streamer, dominates in Firestorm and Conquest
"Bro, you just got killed by Running Silent. Go to his twitch and tell him that he is trash
by ITroll4Lolz October 23, 2019
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