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Mostly common in racing series such as NASCAR and Formula 1 (aka F1). This happens on some tracks during races where the cars are close together and drivers misjudge how close the cars are. Thus, resulting in one big wreck after another. It can also result in only a few cars being taken out of the race instead of seven cars at once.
Did you watch the race on TV yesterday? It was a freakin' wreck fest out there!
by TravelingGuy May 26, 2011

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A type of Twitter client where you can use it without instillation on your computer to sent and receive tweets from multiple accounts and manage multiple social networks on one screen.
Sam uses Hootsuite to manage his online social life at one time.
by TravelingGuy December 28, 2011

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A type of RV, like a pull trailer except the hitch or pin box is over the hook up that is in the bed of a pick up truck. Like a Silverado 2500 or 3500 HD or a Superduty. A fifth wheel evenly distributes its weight over the trucks rear wheels, making the ride smoother. There are many manufactures that offer fifth wheels with different floorplans and can vary greatly in prices and lengths. You need to buy the hitch adapter for hook up after you buy the truck. It can be bolted on or welded on. Unlike pull trailers, fifth wheels will not sway.
I bought a new truck and fifth wheel to go on vacation with.
by TravelingGuy April 22, 2011

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A young teenage girl whose been bullied by critiques and people because of her music video "Friday". She has more talent in her pinky finger than all of the people who said bad things about her do in their entire body. Out of all of this, she seems like a cool girl.
dude 1: Dude, Rebecca Black just wished me happy birthday on Twitter!

dude 2: Congrats man.
by TravelingGuy August 15, 2011

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