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A Chav is a type of person, usually aged 10-29, known for their anti-social behavior and a rough lifestyle that incudes hanging around the street and starting conflicts with people who are not like them. The Chavs are todays menaces on Britain’s streets, roaming urban areas causing trouble and vandalizing things at random. Other names for chavs include: Chavette (a female chav), neds (used in Scotland), townies and ratboys.
Chavs wear hooded sweaters, tracksuit bottoms tucked into their socks and baseball caps – usually Burberry - at a 45 degree angle - sometimes with a hood over. Cheap jewelery is commonplace on most chavs or chavettes, ranging from fancy chains on the boys and massive ear rings on the female chavs.
Their musical taste mainly includes R&B, Hip-hop, dance and other similar genres. Chav targets include moshers, emos and other people who don't dress or act the way the typical chav does.
At most MacDonald’s outlets at least 7 or 8 chavs are knocking about, buzzing about the playground swing they tore off the other day, or humiliating the people who walk through the door or sit on the next table along. Chavs (or chavettes) also like to hang out a kids playgrounds, bus stops, and many other places where they stand the chance of abusing innocent people till the police come and sort them out. Even at the cinema there are chavs (not even watching the film) sitting there showing off their mobiles and throwing popcorn at a person 5 rows down.
Chavs are known to vandilise bus stops, throw stones at windows and mugging old ladies trying to get home after a long walk around town. Other chav activities include grafitti-ing public toilets and road signs, getting themselves drunk on a friday night in the streets and some go as far as stealing cars and driving down street at 100 mph.
They are at large in almost every town and city in the UK. If you ever come across a chav, approach with caution and prepare for a load of "what na fuck ya looking at ya silly twat!" and "av ya got any spare change for ma bus fare?"
chav: "what sort a fuckin clothes are they?"
mosher: "shut up you chavscum, and obey your ASBO"
chav: "ee ya cheaky twat, i'll smack ya, ya fuckin dickhead"
mosher: *walks up to chav*
chav: *runs up to his 15 year old pregnant girlfriend (chavette)* "give us a hand, that wanker is startin on me innit!"
chavette: "get ere ya dickhead, nobody disses ma baby boy!"
mosher: *runs away quickly*
chavette: *starts to run after him but shes so pissed she hasnt got the pace to keep up with him*
by Toughers August 04, 2006

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The. But all the wannabe gangsters say "da" instead.
"I live on da west side of town"
by Toughers August 04, 2006

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