27 definitions by Tori

random site that helps n00bs be scene, and not get pwned by those who are 1337.
n00b 1: hey, what's the definition of lezzer?
n00b 2: i don't know...let's look it up on urbandictionary.com
1337: you guys are niggy pies I'm totally gonna w00tpwn you.
by Tori April 24, 2005
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acting and/or dressing like a skank (see skank)
"she is so skanky! just look at what she's wearing!"
by Tori June 21, 2003
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relating to a squirrel in the sense that one has numerous amounts of nuts in his/her mouth (nuts being male testicles)
Ashley was squirreling Brian the other night in the back seat of his car.
by Tori January 04, 2004
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Choch is the fat on the back of a human, above the butt also known as love handles.
Don't punch me in the choch
by Tori November 11, 2004
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Best Friend For Life No Matter What Happens Until Death Do Us Part Love You Like A Sister
by tori June 17, 2004
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when the female gets eatin out
I gave the outski...the girls cooch stank
by tori March 31, 2005
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